Payment & Refund Policy: Payment plans available for all packages. Refund policies are outlined in the agreement. Any package can ben cancelled at anytime with a 30 day notice and $99 fee or 40% of remaining balance, whichever amount is greater. Temporary freezes may occur but client must present written documentation. Any session not canceled within 24 hours of scheduled session time a refund or reschedule option will not apply. Clients may choose to freeze an account for 30 days with proper identification and doctors note. See agreement for full terms. 

*Results will vary. Testimonies featured are actual clients of Impact Training and their partnered coaches. Consult a physician before beginning any fitness regimine. Coaches are not dieticians and any nutrition coaching should be taken as suggestions. Suggestions are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any medical disease. 


Impact fitChallenges are 4-week challenges designed to spice up any routine. From fitness to nutrition, each month is something new. See the schedule below for more details.

Challenge workouts and guidelines are delivered via email and can be printed or saved for future use. Sign up is mandatory for each challenge. Click the Sign-Up button above to reserve your spot or commit to the whole year! 


FitChallenges: 4-week challenges meant to provide accountability and encouragement. With a different focus each month, participants push themselves to complete the workouts and finish the month's agenda. 


Single Challenge: $25 per challenge

All 12 Months: $18.75 per Challenge (paid in full)

*Payments must be made via Venmo only. 

 1. Challenges begin on a Friday unless otherwise notified. The Impact coach will deliver the first week's workouts on the start date.

 2. Participants must complete the week's workouts and check-in in order to receive the following week's workouts and continue with the challenge. If one fails to complete the current week's workout or provide check-in, they will be dismissed from that month's challenge. 

 3. Check-ins via Facebook or Instagram are required. Share a picture or status on your feed or story and tag Impact Training. Check-ins can be done via email if needed. Participants must check-in after EACH workout to ensure participation. We do share check-in pics in our stories so others can cheer our participants on!


4. Fun is a requirement. These challenges are a great way to light a fire or shake up a boring routine. Each challenge is designed with fun in mind, and strenuous hard work - but mostly fun. :)  




   Can you go the distance? Each week participants will be assigned a certain amount of miles to either walk, bike, row, run, swim, or elliptical. We aren't too particular about how the miles are completed, but we do require participants to complete the current weeks' miles in order to continue on with the challenge. Miles are individually designed according to fitness level and choice of cardio. 

Dates: January 3rd-31st

Sign up closes January 1st



   Grab your bestie and hit the gym! Celebrating the month of love with a little partner plyo challenge. Workouts can be completed with your plyo buddy or separately, but both partners must submit their check-ins to continue onto the following week.

Dates: January 31st-February 28th

Sign Up closes January 29th



   Progress is key! Each week workouts will be dedicated to progressing exercises of a different major muscle group (lower body, upper body, core).  

Dates: February 28th-March 27th

Sign up closes February 26th


   April showers bring awesome core workouts. Okay, so that may not be how the saying goes, but April fitChallenge is all about the core. Participants will need a mat, floor space, chair, and small weights (can use water jugs or canned food items for weight).


Dates: April 3rd-May1st

Sign up closes April 1st 


   Let's HIIT it! May's fitChallenge brings on the heat with High-Intensity Interval Training workouts delivered each week. HIIT workouts can be intimidating but rest assure, this challenge is for everyone. Workouts are modified with each participant's fitness level in mind.

Dates: May 1st-May 29th

Sign up closes April 29th


JUNE & JULY - 45 in 60

   Double trouble for June and July. Over the course of the two-months participants will aim to hit 45 workouts in the 60 days. A wide range of workouts are provided; strength, endurance, cardiovascular, mobility, stretching, yoga, and core. No gym access required. 

Dates: June 1st - July 31st

Sign Up closes May 27th

*This challenge starts on a Monday


   Lace-up those running shoes, let's tackle a virtual 5k. All participants will receive a tailored cardio program to progress over the month of August. The month will conclude with a virtual 5k! 

Dates: July 31st - August 28th

Sign up closes July 29th


   Drop those dumbbells, September is all about the bands. If you have ever thought bands can't provide an intense workout, we dare you to join this challenge! Modifications will be provided. Participants are required to supply their own bands. Your Impact coach can provide suggestions. 


Dates: September 4th - September 25th

Sign up closes September 2nd 



   You need this challenge if - you aren't sure how to conduct a dynamic warm-up or cool down, you currently do not have a solid mobility regiment, or you have aches, pains, and compensations with movement. Of course, everyone is welcome. Each week participants will be supplied with progressive mobility workouts to complete. This is the ONLY challenge where participants do NOT have to provide weekly check-ins to receive all workouts. 

Dates: October 2nd - October 30th

Sign up closes August 30th



    The holiday season is upon us! November is all about home fitness, helping to stay the course as the holiday hustle begins. Participants will receive three home workouts per week. No equipment required. 

Dates: October 30th - November 27th

Sign up closes October 28th


  Let's make this holiday season all about health. Enjoy time with family without ditching your fitness goals. Our December fitChallenge delivers quick cardio workouts you can do from anywhere. Modifications will be provided. No equipment required.

Dates: November 27th - December 25th

Sign up closes November 25th 

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