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Courtney Brummel


Courtney Brummel is my name and chaos is my game!  I'm recently married to a super awesome (and  super handsome) man, and between us we have three kids ages 7,6, and 4.  I am currently working as a critical care registered nurse at a level 1 trauma center and as a flight nurse for the same organization.  I'm also in school working towards my masters in family nursing practice. Did I mention chaos?  I recently completed a cardio challenge with impact training,  and was so surprised and encouraged by what my body was able to do.  I decided I wanted to challenge myself further and with the encouragement of Amanda at IT decided to shoot for the stars and sign up for a local sprint triathlon! I'm SOOOO nervous and SOOO excited! I never considered myself to be athletic,  but I've learned that my body is able to do so much more than I imagined.  I'm looking forward to the journey of becoming not only an athlete, but a TRIathlete! 

Danielle Cessna

 FIRST 5K - 7.4.2018

Why did you choose a 5k?
I hate running... I wanted a challenge! 

Hardest part about training?
Finding the time to train. With my schedule all other the place it's very hard getting in a run or getting to the gym. 

Biggest obstacle you felt you had to overcome when preparing for this?
Being lazy! I would have preferred to train with someone else. It would have helped push me. 

Words of advice for others?
There were days I didn't want to train. But you have to remember, never to give up!! I pushed myself on those days and I felt 10x better afterwards.  When I crossed the finish line was the greatest feeling ever!!! Going from never running to doing a 5k! (I ran half, walked half, but finished)

Next venture?
-Another 5k!! 
-Faster time of 40min
-Run 2 miles, constant

Emily Brown 


Hi, I'm Emily. I love music, especially rap music. I love to travel and I try to be adventurous. My desire for adventure has resulted in my goal of to climb the Hollywood sign.


Why did you choose this hike?

I was new to the area and wanted to do all the tourist things! The hike is iconic, the views are amazing, it mixes my love of nature and culture. 


Hardest part about training?

Staying consistent, doing the workouts on my own.

Biggest obstacle you felt you had to overcome when preparing for this?

A handful of injuries and over coming my mental limits (still have room for improvement). When I saw the hill we were going to climb I had a panic attack and thought, I cant do this. With a tiny bit of courage and a lot of encouragement I attempted it and I made it!


Words of advice for others with the same goal?

You can do it! Pick the hardest hike and make it your bitch! (Can I say that?)  Reward yourself for the little successes along the way. 


 Next venture?

Angels Landing, Top of Yosemite Falls, Bike Trail

If I'm going big... a 14er, or a small section of the PCT.

Sandy Christner


First Triathlon Completed: 7.26.14

Time: 1:38

A note from Trainer Amanda:

From her first hike in Colorado to completing her first triathlon, Sandy is always pushing the limits of her fitness goals. 

"Each time I get to work with Sandy, I can't help but get excited. She is a woman that takes on the world, both professionally and personally. We have learned to work through emotional obstacles, injuries and professional transitions. Sandy crossing that finish line of the triathlon meant so much more than just completing a race. You just can't understand the emotional revelation that is had at that point until you experience yourself."

Steven Christner


Starting with a simple 5k, Steven worked his way to the finish line of his 10k! 

A note from Trainer Amanda:

"Steven started out with a simple goal of wanting to be more healthy. As workouts progressed he fell into the running trap and the endurance goals really began to develop. He started with a simple 5k, which he roped me into running with him, and kept pounding the pavement from there."


Christner Family



A note from Trainer Amanda:

Not alone in her success, the Christner family is a power couple!

"My relationship with these two love birds started at a small gym in downtown Kansas City. Steven joined as a client looking to gain strength, endurance and drop body fat.  It was soon after Sandy signed up for an online challenge and the rest is history.  

Steven and Sandy have run races together, participated in numerous of our Impact challenges, and are each other's biggest fan. They push each other to pursue whatever the goal may be. During rough times, you see their fierce commitment to each other come to life. It is amazing to see them come together, work as a team and accomplish the things they set their hearts to. 

See their Athlete Stories for more insight on the races they each have completed. 


Michael Boyd


Why did you pick a Sprint triathlon? 

I completed running and cycling events in the past and wanted a new challenge which combined those 2 things and added in something I hadn't done much before (swimming). I also find that working toward a specific fitness goal motivates me to work out and stay active. I chose a sprint in particular because the distances are good for entry-level triathletes. 


What was the hardest part of training? 

Finding motivation to work out on busy days or days where I just wasn't feeling it. Knowing I was working toward a specific goal and having a structured workout plan from my trainer kept me on track and helped me find an extra push to train on those down days. 


What was the biggest obstacle you felt you had to overcome to prepare? 

Avoiding overtraining injuries. It's easy when you first start training to want to prove to yourself that you're capable of running 3 miles or biking 10 miles right out of the gate which is a good way to get an overuse injury like runners knee or Achilles tendinitis. My training plan progressively increased my workload in the weeks preparing for my triathlon and incorporated mobility workouts, foam rolling and resistance training targeted towards injury prevention. 


Words of advice for others? 

Start slow and gradually increase your training workload as you go. Set reasonable goals. Make sure you're eating enough especially on higher volume training days. Incorporate injury prevention exercises into your weekly routine. Hire Impact Training to customize a training and food plan to your individual needs. Have fun!

What are your next goals? 

I'm going to take a break from races this fall, but I would like to do an endurance hike or bike ride next spring. 

Michael has participated in two sprint triathlons in 2019. Placing 5th in his age division in the Asheville Tri and setting new personal records in all three disciplines.

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