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Awesome Core Exercises for New Mamas

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

We got a great question from a new mama that was curious about what exercises are good for your core right after you have a c-section. After any kind of pregnancy and birth, your abs are going to take a while to return to their normal strength. C-sections add another level of complexity due to the fact that you just had MAJOR abdominal surgery

Exercises to avoid for a while:

  • Crunches

  • Sit-ups

  • Leg raises

Basically anything that involves you to use your abs to crunch or sit up. Not only does that put A LOT of stress on your abs, but it also can cause any ab separation to get worse if it hasn’t had time to heal.

Great core exercises for new mamas:

1. Kegels - I’ll spare the gentlemen the explanation. If you don’t know what they are or how to do them, feel free to google or message me and I can help.

2.Tummy Breathing - breath in deep and let your tummy expand. As you exhale, pull your belly button towards your spine and hold it for a count of three. Then start over.

3. Hip Bridges - Keep your belly button tucked to your spine and raise your hips off the floor.

4. Wall Push-Ups - With your feet flat on the floor about a foot or so away from the wall, lean forward and place your hands on the wall. Lower your body to the wall, then push away like you would in a standard push-up.

5. Ball Squats on the Wall - Grab an exercise ball and place it behind your back between you and the wall. Lower into a wall sit with the ball behind you until your legs are as perpendicular to the floor as you can comfortably go. Then slide the ball back up the wall as you stand up.

6. WALK, WALK, WALK!! As much as you’re able. It will help with cardio endurance, it will improve your mood, and it does work your core without over-using it.

7. It sounds bizarre, but if you rub your scar after it’s comfortable to touch it, it will help blood flow to return and can help a lot of other issues that might arise from having scar tissue in that area.

Those are my favorites! I’d be happy to help you figure out form or reps if you’re interested in something specific. Feel free to contact me with any questions >> Hannah.Impacttraining@gmail.com

**Here’s a quick disclaimer: I’m NOT a doctor. Please make sure you’ve been cleared by your doctor to return to regular activity postpartum and that there are no lingering issues from your pregnancy or childbirth experience. That’s priority number one. Most of the time, that release will come between 6 and 8 weeks depending on your situation.

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