• Amanda Boyd

Protein, Electrolytes & More: Basic Supplement Guide

Supplements can be a great tool to help with building and recovery. We only suggest utilizing supplements after you have established a well rounded nutrition plan.

A few of our favorite supplements and what they do!

1. Protein Powder: It doesn't take a fitness buff to have heard or used protein shake supplements. Anywhere from 20-30 grams per serving, this is a great and easy way to get that protein intake up! There are a variety of different protein shake types: whey, whey isolate, pea, hemp, soy, casein. Depending on your needs and dietary preference, there is an option for almost everyone.

Who Might Need It: It can be tough to get the needed amount of daily intake. Protein shakes are recommended for those who are having a tough time with meal prep, needing quick grab and go snack or increasing the intensity of workouts. Protein shakes are also suggested during injury or for those who might have GI disturbances with processing meat.

Benefits of Protein:

-Promotes muscle building

-Assists in tissue repair

-Important for weight loss

2. Creatine: An oldie but a goodie, creatine has made it's way back to the recommended supplement scene. Popular in the 80s, creatine has been give a bad rep for the possibility of causing kidney stones. Although there is always a risk of supplementing, studies have shown that creatine has many benefit for the healthy athlete. *Before anyone writes to us about usage by endurance athlete. This is a debate in the industry due to limited research proving performance enhancement for endurance athletes. However, we feel that the water retention of creatine helps endurance athletes with cramping and recovery - not necessarily a direct performance enhancement.

Who Might Need It: Many coaches will push creatine for all clients. Our approach is a bit more conservative and highly suggest it to endurance athletes or for clients that have reached a strength plateau. In short, creatine is thought to help make ATP. ATP makes energy for muscle contractions. You can get creatine naturally from meat or fish, which is why we only instruct to add this supplement after a solid nutrition plan is in place.

Benefits of Creatine:

-Improves strength

-Provides energy

-Helps with recovery

3. Branches Chain Amino Acids: A group of three essential amino acids all in one jug. Leucine, isoleucine and valine comprise the gang of BCAAs. We think of BCAAs as the multivitamin of the supplement powder world. Overall great review and studies on the effects. Do not confuse this with protein powder or pre workout mixes. BCAAs do a lot of work behind the scenes that compliment most fitness goals.

Who Might Need It: Anyone who is active. Again, the multivitamin approach, anyone can really benefit from this supplement as long as it is approved by their doctor.

Benefits of BCAAs:

-Promotes muscle growth

-Decreases muscle soreness

-Prevents muscle wasting

4. Electrolytes: Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphate - the nerd bunch of our bodies. Electrolyte balance is vital for proper function of many aspects of our body, not to mention recovery and performance.

Who Might Need it: Anyone active or working/ workout out in extreme climates (both hot and cold). In addition, many who are fighting colds, the flu or other sickness might be advised to intake electrolytes.

Benefits of Electrolytes:

-Promotes proper cellular function

-Regulates fluid amounts in the body

-Responsible for stimulating muscles and nerves.


Amanda Boyd

Co-Founder and Coach Impact Training

ISSA Master Trainer

ABC Orthotic Fitter



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*Results will vary. Testimonies featured are actual clients of Impact Training and their partnered coaches. Consult a physician before beginning any fitness regimine. Coaches are not dieticians and any nutrition coaching should be taken as suggestions. Suggestions are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any medical disease. 

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